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Agricultural Engineerin, 2013, Issue 4 (148)
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148 # 3512
Comparison of moisture properties of soils in the context of their susceptibility to compaction with wheels of farm vehicles
148 # 3513
Anisotropy of mechanical properties of mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus (J.E. Lange) Imbach)
148 # 3514
Structure and composition of waste in the landfill in Wola Suchożebrska
148 # 3515
Mathematical description of technological process for primary fish processing
148 # 3516
Influence of freezing treatment, osmotic dehydration and storage time on the rehydration of vacuum dried strawberries
148 # 3517
Effect of the ultrasound on the carrot juices freezing process
148 # 3518
Ergonomic evaluation of acoustic environment in the livestock building converted for industrial purposes
148 # 3519
Determination of rut parameters at various levels of slip of a pneumatic drive wheel – laboratory research
148 # 3520
Assessment of operation efficiency of the selected transport means in the farms of Southern Poland
148 # 3521
Exergy analysis of a bakery stove
148 # 3522
Biogas yield of maize straw
148 # 3523
Method of external assessment of the quality of sugar beet roots
148 # 3524
Quality and nutritional value of silage made of meadow grass mowed with and without conditioners
148 # 3525
Labour consumption of fruit production on the example of selected farms
148 # 3526
Parity family income in family farms of diverse areas
148 # 3527
Influence of a whirlpool tilt angles on the placement of a substitute sediment cone
148 # 3528
Analysis of the components of colour of beef inside after thermal treatment conducted using various methods
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