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Agricultural Engineerin, 2013, Issue 3 (146)
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146 # 3431
XX Years of the winter scientific school “Scientific, Technical and Organizational Progress in Agriculcture”
146 # 3432
Assessment of impact of soil properties change and vertical wheel load on traction properties of the selected radial tyre
146 # 3433
Assessment indices of barns with a varied maintenance system of dairy cows
146 # 3434
Modern technological and functional solutions used in dairy cows breeding on the example of the selected farms of Łomżyński province
146 # 3435
Analysis of realization of planned technical service of farm tractors
146 # 3436
Assessment of possibility of improving traction properties through change of tyre pumping pressure
146 # 3437
Energy assessment of alternative technologies of preparing land for winter barley sowing
146 # 3438
Energy analysis of waste biomass from production of fruit trees on the territory of Podkarpackie Voivoideship
146 # 3439
Relation between biometric properties and the selected electric parameters of potato tubers
146 # 3440
Analysis of microwave-vaccum drying of red pepper
146 # 3441
Comparative analysis of temperature sensors mounted in a teat cup
146 # 3442
Resistance of air flow through the bed of carrot seeds in the vibrating drier
146 # 3443
Evaluation of yield, chemical composition and quality of tubers of medium early, medium late and late starch potato cultivars
146 # 3444
Investigation of apples sensitivity to bruising at impact loading
146 # 3445
An attempt to determine surface pressures of apples in the single box in the aspect of its usefulness for transport and storage
146 # 3446
Level and forms of financing technical investments in the selected agricultural farms
146 # 3447
Effects of early potatoes cultivation under cover
146 # 3448
Impact of the crop technology on the index value of mechanical damage to potato tuber
146 # 3449
Economic and ecology analysis of using a heat pump for heating garden facilities
146 # 3450
Plant production and labour efficiency in the selected agricultural farms
146 # 3451
Impact of cutting parameters on the quality and efficiency of soil scarification with cultivator prongs
146 # 3452
Cathegories and number of tree damage at logging works
146 # 3453
A method of computer aid for calculating pressure parameters of mechanical milking and pressures that massage a teat
146 # 3454
A prevailing research subject matter concerning a plant protection technology
146 # 3455
Energy assesment of spring wheat cultivation technology
146 # 3456
Impact of the selected sowing parameters on shaping a life space of wheat plants
146 # 3457
Logistics of supply of agricultural farms in the selected production means
146 # 3458
Assessment of possibility of using microwaves for heating spouted bed during drying apples
146 # 3459
The size and structure of energy inputs of ploughed and non-ploughed cultivation of hybrid rye
146 # 3460
Assessment of operaton of heat exchangers placed in various configurations feeding a heat pump
146 # 3461
Efficiency of the heat pump cooperating with a buffer bin with a variable volume
146 # 3462
Selected physical and mechanical properties of pellets depending on the composition and temperature of their storing
146 # 3463
Limiting emission of gas pollution from the fattening house through application of heat recovery installation
146 # 3464
Comparison of energy usefulness of the selected biomass briquettes
146 # 3465
Resistance of the selected milking machines to oscillation of negative pressure in the pipe milking machine installation
146 # 3466
Analysis of mechanical and rheological features and sensory properties of dried avocado
146 # 3467
Impact of spouted-microwave drying on the dried pumpkin quality
146 # 3468
Impact of the type of raw material and knives shape on the temperature increase during mechanical meat cutting
146 # 3469
Influence of the height of a field toolbar and utility liquid pressure on sedimentation drift
146 # 3470
Fuzzy logic in the regulation of the absolute pressure supplying an autonomous milking unit
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