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100 # 2104
Energetic and economic analysis of thermal energy production in wood chip boiler-rooms
100 # 2096
Methodology for small wind power plant testing
100 # 2095
The idea and construction of a ground heat exchanger as an element of dwelling-house ventilation system
105 # 2279
An attempt to determine time for agrotechnical measures at energy willow plantations using mathematical models and neural networks
117 # 2584
Conception for informatical system polyoptimization of the energetic potential usage
117 # 2583
Using a singlesystem microcontroller to control optimal positioning of photo-voltaic cell plane relative to the sun
61 # 1161
Relational model of integrated energy system designed for rural habitable building
66 # 1280
Mathematical model of the integrated energy system designed for rural habitable building
90 # 1790
Neural Network as a tool enabling prediction of water demand in agricultu
90 # 1802
The level of operating a personal computer skill and usable software knowledge amongst students of the Faculty Agricultural and Forest Technology
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