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Grieger Andrzej
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107 # 2303
Technical condition of farm tractors in a high productivity farm
109 # 2382
Comparison of internet use in farms depending on agricultural production system introduced in each of the farms
110 # 2447
Energy evaluation of conventional and ecological buckwheat growing technologies
118 # 2638
Assessment of the use of information technologies in selected farms in Zachodniopomorskie voivodship
146 # 3452
Cathegories and number of tree damage at logging works
31 # 1664
Learning effectiveness ofneuronal net onto needs of opinion of agricultural machine technical state
52 # 785
Influence of changes in technical and organizational solutions upon a machine's work quality
63 # 1341
Mathematical model for the assessments of granulate kinetic strength
68 # 1371
Adequacy of the mathematical model and the models based on artificial neural networks to evaluating the kinetic strength of feed pellets
68 # 1370
Identification of the factors limiting development of computer application on the farms
78 # 47
The adapting of an offer for farming machines to users’ expectations – manufacturers’ opinions
87 # 365
Applying a decision-making model in agricultural machinery operation
90 # 1786
Emploment of neuron network for definition of effectiveness of work foresty shreder
99 # 2047
Analysis of productivity during mechanical timber acquisition on the example of Valmet 901.3 harvester and Valmet 840.2 forwarder
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