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Walczyk Józef
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1 # 985
APEK AL154 interface for computer aided measurements of mechanical quantities in agricultural and forestrial investigations
156 # 3683
Root biomass distribution in a energy willow plantation
18 # 1521
Effect of skidding tractor wheels on the forest soil
18 # 1533
Film methods for operational and technical tests of machinery in nursery
18 # 1536
Measurement of geometrical parameters of spruce seedlings needles by using video-computer technique
53 # 600
Computer technique testing of cultivator draft
53 # 603
Film as instrument in seeds elasticity research
70 # 1227
Mechanization of production in a ground nurseries of mycorrhizae seedlings for afforestation of former farmlands
70 # 1226
Operation analysis for Agricola Italiana seeder carried out using film techniques
70 # 1222
The measurements of skidding of tractor driving wheels by photo optic sensor
70 # 1204
Video-computer method used to extract three dimension contact area between tyre and elastic ground in laboratory
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