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10 # 1503
Density of dried bodies as a function of volume fraction and phase density
10 # 1502
Temperature of sublimation drying as a factor affecting qualitative properties of dried apples and energy consumption
126 # 2914
Dried fruit quality and its rehydration progress depending on apple drying method
33 # 651
Impact of temperature on the course of the process of chokeberry drying and qualitative features of dried material
33 # 650
Influence of preliminary measures and conditions of plum drying on process duration and quality of the dried fruit
63 # 1357
Effect of the temperature of parsley drying on the drying process, and quality factors of the dried product
63 # 1356
Thermal efficiency of membrane and non-membrane hop-drier air-heaters
95 # 1905
Microprocessor control for animal fodder feeding
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