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Góral Dariusz
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141 # 3325
Analysis of heat transfer during the freezing of vegetables by impingement fluidization
149 # 3530
Critical reverse fluidization velocity of the selected vegetables
153 # 3637
A preliminary assessment of using the operating head with oval nozzles for impingement fluidization of vegetables
16 # 760
An attempt to evaluate the heat penetration coefficient at convection freezing of foodstuffs in air
33 # 631
The attempt of accuracy estimate of thawing time prediction for lean beef
60 # 1552
Experimental identification of refrigeration-system performance in the process of impingement
74 # 1240
Analysis of work of prototype impingement device for refrigeration treatment of food with aid of computer
77 # 42
Comprehensive freezing treatment of garlic by using the impingement method
80 # 152
Technical and technological conditions of agricultural products refrigeration by using impingement method
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