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Białobrzewski Ireneusz
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118 # 2627
Matlab and Scilab as the tools for modelling rheological properties
118 # 2628
Modelling rheological properties of livestock meat in matlab environment
16 # 757
Investigation of meat products heating and cooling processes
61 # 1160
Using the neural network to estimate the air relative humidity on the basis of its temperature value
68 # 1360
Comparison of algorithms to education of unidirectional neural network, with time-lag, used to predicting values of atmospherical air temperature
68 # 1361
Comparison of the GRNN models developed by using neural network moduli of the MATLAB and STATISTICA packets
68 # 1362
Simulation model of the changes in temperature fields in a grain silo
69 # 846
Conductive properties of wheat grain
74 # 1231
The symulation model of composting in biostabilizer DANO
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