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Harasimowicz Stanisław
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2 # 542
Designing of rural road network at land integration
41 # 557
Method of estimation of influence of highway on value of farming grounds- exactitude of estimation of surface of used and of classes of grounds
41 # 562
Possibilities of a village's spatial structure improvement on territories of a large land disaggregation (presented in the Lapsze Wyżne village as an example)
41 # 559
Staniątki as an example of diversity of the outline of land configuration agriculturni plots
45 Tom I # 1107
Staniątki as en example of variability of the outline of land configuration plots in the places of highly disintegrateg land
45 Tom I # 1100
The optimal and correct length of cultivation field
45 Tom II # 1137
Reciprocal connections of features of plots' and farms' land configuration as an element of ground system estimation (the Łapsze Wyżne village as an example)
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