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Adamczyk Florian
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119 # 2649
The impact of cereal straw humidity on the compaction degree of obtained briquettes
130 # 2981
The influence of the rotational speed of the screw shaft on the parameters of the oil extraction process from camelina sativa seed
133 # 3019
Motion parameters of briquette formed by the rolling method and its cutting off
143 # 3355
Mobile and energy efficient machine for biomass harvesting and compaction with the curling method
145 # 3398
The influence of mechatronic starting knotters actuating mechanism on parameters and quality of work of the wicker harvesting machine
151 # 3596
Problems with deriving the fruit tree pruned biomass for energy use
21 # 481
Propagation of agricultural tractors' noise in the environment of their operation
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