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Niedbała Gniewko
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tel. : 0 61 846 60 62
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105 # 2280
Economic analysis of design and operation of internet communications systems in an agricultural enterprise
21 # 470
Application of neural networks in agriculture
62 # 705
The analysis of assumptions for modeling sugar beet crop with utilization of artificial neural networks
68 # 1392
Prediction of sugar beet yields with the use of neural network techniques
68 # 1391
The wireless internet links as a method to activation of village areas - theory and practice
90 # 1793
Prognose of the content of the sugar in roots of sugar-beet with utilization of the techniques regression and neural
90 # 1792
The analysis of possibilities of predictions of soil dislocations during ploughing using standard statistical methods as well as artificial neural networks
90 # 1791
The modern technology of the wireless networks WiMAX - IEEE 802.16 in the development of agricultural areas in the local and regional dimension
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