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Klamka Krzysztof
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tel. : 0 12 662 46 35
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107 # 2306
Improvement of the method used to assess energy willow crop
109 # 2391
The impact of potato plantation irrigation on selected physical attributes of tubers which are significant in crop separation and sorting process
114 # 2496
The impact of sprinkling irrigation in a potato plantation on the value of tuber friction factor
88 # 431
Impact of variety characteristics on sphericity ratios of potato bulbs grown in medium-compact soil
88 # 430
Influence of varietal characteristics on the bulb friction coefficient, which is of importance in the sorting of the potato harvest
90 # 1776
Ergonomic assessment of the geometry of the working station
96 # 1945
Empirical verification of methods used to estimate the volume of sprouts in energy willow rootstocks
96 # 1946
The impact of potato plantation irrigation on tuber properties, which are important for cropping and aftercrop processing
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