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102 # 2138
A method for determining the porosity coefficient of cellular materials
102 # 2139
Modelling of changes in the properties of the sublimationdried horseradish tissue structure
119 # 2664
Elasticity of fibreboards made of wood and of rye straw
119 # 2662
Models of stress relaxation in fibreboards containing straw component
119 # 2663
Reaction of fibreboards made of wood and straw on cyclic load changes
119 # 2659
The impact of load on deformation progress for ballshaped vegetables
119 # 2665
The impact of straw component on fibreboard mechanical properties
147 # 3474
Determination of rheological properties of vegetables and fruit based on work inputs of strain
147 # 3476
Methodological aspects of measuring hardness of maize caryopsis
150 # 3560
Analysis of the size of dust particles which were formed during pellet production
88 # 419
The dynamics of processes in squeezed tissues of red beet
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