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Mueller Wojciech
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tel. : 0 61 848 71 77
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107 # 2320
Internet system supporting management of agricultural services
118 # 2631
Vector graphics from the perspective of information systems supporting agricultural consulting and teaching process
125 # 2877
The simulation of the heat flow in a stone regenerator with a randomised substrate bed
131 # 3078
A computer system supporting collection and analysis of data collected in the composting process
137 # 3216
1-Wire bus as the core of the measuring apparatus studies of heat and mass flow in the bioreactor
137 # 3193
Information technology oriented on spatial data in agriculture management support applications
145 # 3418
Computer visualization of the contact area of a tyre and the soggy soil
145 # 3419
The structure of geometry data in AutoCAD and its development possibilities
31 # 1681
Graphic, Internet and database system of part ordering to agricultural machines
31 # 1680
Integration of graphic supporting programmes projecting with databases as well as possibilities of theirs utilization in agricultural sector
62 # 704
An intranet database system enhancing research management within agricultural engineering
62 # 703
Identification of rock-bed thermal parameters random distribution as a result of probabilistic character of the storage charging process
67 # 932
Computer system assisting identification of random distribution of the thermal parameters of stone regenerator
68 # 1388
Identification of rock-bed thermal parameters random distribution as a result of probabilistic character of the heat storage charging process
68 # 1387
Information system based on .NET and XML technologies for managing the research in agricultural engineering
68 # 1386
OLEDB and ADO.NET technologies in information systems supporting verification of the students’ knowledge
7 # 1724
Computer technology in agricultural engineering - the university offer vs. students' expectations
88 # 448
Identification of temperature fields applied for evaluation of air flow heterogeneity through a rock bed storage by means of neural methods
88 # 413
Interactive education system supporting the use of artificial neural networks in agriculture
88 # 447
XML as interface of outside communicating of information system simulating working of stone regenerator
90 # 1795
Empirical graphics data processing for learning artificial neural network which modeling selected agriculture engineering denouement
90 # 1797
Object modeling in the process of creating an informatics system supporting the researching designing of stone heat regenerators
94 # 1886
Data modeling in a process of mapping empirical systems of agricultural engineering onto information systems
94 # 1887
Ocena energetyczno-ekonomiczna ogrzewania dendromasą
96 # 1956
Information system supporting students’ knowledge verification, which uses the SQL SERVER 2005 objects
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