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100 # 2083
Decision support system „Rzepinfo” for winter oilseed rape protection
117 # 2598
Neural analysis of acoustic signal spectrum during determination of seed physical properties
117 # 2574
Neural classification of images showing dried vegetables
124 # 2851
Growth curve functions in modeling the thin-layer drying of corn
125 # 2882
Comparison of global optimization algorithms in inverse modeling of drying processes of agricultural products
125 # 2887
Information system for acquiring data on geometry of agricultural products exemplified by a corn kernel
145 # 3419
The structure of geometry data in AutoCAD and its development possibilities
31 # 1681
Graphic, Internet and database system of part ordering to agricultural machines
31 # 1680
Integration of graphic supporting programmes projecting with databases as well as possibilities of theirs utilization in agricultural sector
31 # 1663
Object-oriented modelling in creating computer aided system of analysis of drying and storing processes of grain cereals
31 # 1672
Use of JSP (Java Server Pages) technology in create of distributed application for protection of plants
31 # 1671
Utilization of artificial intelligence elements in agricultural practice
62 # 704
An intranet database system enhancing research management within agricultural engineering
62 # 700
Analysis and classification of dried vegetables’ images with utilization of artificial neural networks
62 # 699
Assessment of effectiveness of the neural prediction based on selected methods exemplified by distribution of agricultural products
62 # 707
Genetic algorithms as a optimization tool applied in neural networks
67 # 932
Computer system assisting identification of random distribution of the thermal parameters of stone regenerator
68 # 1387
Information system based on .NET and XML technologies for managing the research in agricultural engineering
68 # 1393
Interactive educational system introducing into issue of artificial neural networks
68 # 1398
Role and possibilities of electronic learning application in students’ education and agricultural advisory on an example of the IMARK module
7 # 1724
Computer technology in agricultural engineering - the university offer vs. students' expectations
88 # 413
Interactive education system supporting the use of artificial neural networks in agriculture
88 # 447
XML as interface of outside communicating of information system simulating working of stone regenerator
90 # 1778
Computer support for identyfication of pests and diseases in winter oilseed rape
90 # 1795
Empirical graphics data processing for learning artificial neural network which modeling selected agriculture engineering denouement
90 # 1797
Object modeling in the process of creating an informatics system supporting the researching designing of stone heat regenerators
94 # 1886
Data modeling in a process of mapping empirical systems of agricultural engineering onto information systems
94 # 1887
Ocena energetyczno-ekonomiczna ogrzewania dendromasą
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