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Boniecki Piotr
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tel. : 0 61 846 60 68
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104 # 2249
Neural analysis of the ultrasonographic images in the intramuscular fat level content identification process – preliminary research
104 # 2248
The impact of the number of variables on the operation quality of neuron model for identifying mechanical damage of corn seeds
107 # 2320
Internet system supporting management of agricultural services
118 # 2632
Conversion of digital images into the form of teaching sets for the purposes of neural modelling
121 # 2748
Colour compression impact on operation of a neural identification model
126 # 2904
Research methodology and preparation of learning datasets for neural networks identifying compost quality
155 # 3665
The use of neural image analysis in the identification of information encoded in a graphical form
31 # 1680
Integration of graphic supporting programmes projecting with databases as well as possibilities of theirs utilization in agricultural sector
31 # 1671
Utilization of artificial intelligence elements in agricultural practice
35 # 881
Radial neural networks as a tool for estimation of heterogenity of the air flow through a stone store
62 # 699
Assessment of effectiveness of the neural prediction based on selected methods exemplified by distribution of agricultural products
62 # 707
Genetic algorithms as a optimization tool applied in neural networks
62 # 696
Linear neural networks vs. regression analysis methods in the aspect of their applications in agricultural engineering
62 # 706
Optimization of decision processes using chosen methods of artificial intelligence
62 # 705
The analysis of assumptions for modeling sugar beet crop with utilization of artificial neural networks
68 # 1393
Interactive educational system introducing into issue of artificial neural networks
68 # 1386
OLEDB and ADO.NET technologies in information systems supporting verification of the students’ knowledge
88 # 448
Identification of temperature fields applied for evaluation of air flow heterogeneity through a rock bed storage by means of neural methods
88 # 413
Interactive education system supporting the use of artificial neural networks in agriculture
88 # 447
XML as interface of outside communicating of information system simulating working of stone regenerator
90 # 1794
Artificial neural networks for modelling ammonia emission from field applied slurry manure
90 # 1795
Empirical graphics data processing for learning artificial neural network which modeling selected agriculture engineering denouement
94 # 1886
Data modeling in a process of mapping empirical systems of agricultural engineering onto information systems
94 # 1887
Ocena energetyczno-ekonomiczna ogrzewania dendromasą
96 # 1956
Information system supporting students’ knowledge verification, which uses the SQL SERVER 2005 objects
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