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Cieślikowski Bogusław
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tel. : 0 12 662 46 85
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102 # 2136
Control of the limit spin of farm tractor wheels in the aspect of the differential gear life
104 # 2232
Destruction process of elastomer leak stoppers used in engines in contact with RME biofuel
104 # 2233
The concept of electronic control system for limit skid of farm tractor wheels
107 # 2295
Analysis of signal usability in the skid control system for farm tractor wheels
107 # 2296
Modification of ventilation system in harvester operator’s cab in the aspect of maintaining standard noise level at the operator’s workplace
107 # 2329
Specification of general design requirements for farm machines. Part II. Harvest machines
115 # 2527
Using regression model to predict technical condition of plough swivel mechanism
118 # 2607
Diagnostic process for force hydraulics system in plough rotation mechanism
118 # 2608
The concept of machinery supervision and control by tractor on board computer in real time, carried out using LIN computer bus
121 # 2728
Noise level reduction in the process involving pneumatic transport of sugar using a truck-tractor compressor
121 # 2729
Noise propagation in the process involving pneumatic transport of sugar using a truck-tractor compressor
122 # 2762
Analysis of signal quality at varying frequency in the system of control of skid of farm tractor wheels
124 # 2842
Modification of biofuel usable properties in the aspect of issues involving operation of farm vehicles
130 # 2980
Evaluation of the process of active regeneration of DPF system of a delivery vehicle
35 # 875
Detection of threshing drum deformationsin in combine harvesters based on imbalance signal
51 # 1647
Dynamic load in a force hydraulic system of a combine harvester with a membrane accumulator
51 # 1646
Multi-parameter eyalution of a combine harvester usage efficiency
53 # 580
Assessment of dynamic condition of ventilators
66 # 1285
Considerations on ventilation of combine-harvester cabin
68 # 1366
Analysis of diagnostic parameter of the combine harvester gear assembly with the use of artificial neural network
68 # 1365
Autodiagnostic system of the gear box in a combine harvester
70 # 1187
Predicting of combine harvester transmission unit mechanical state using the regression model
74 # 1230
Stability of the working speed of the tractor unit considering friction torque of the differential gear
87 # 353
Kinematic viscosity of bio-fuel and glycerine phase
87 # 354
On-board diagnostics for driving axle in the Z-058 REKORD harvester
87 # 352
Utilisation of bio-fuel technology by-products for power production purposes
88 # 417
Caloric analysis of solid fuel mixture with use of biocomponent
88 # 418
Variance of rape oil qualities under storage conditions
94 # 1865
Methods to lower noise level in agricultural tractor cabin – selection of insulating material structures
95 # 1901
Possible reduction of noise level in cabin of agricultural tractor
97 # 1975
Control over limit skid of farm tractor wheels in the aspect of precise agriculture requirements
97 # 1976
The C-385 farm tractor constructional adaptation to CNG combustion
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