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1 # 972
Impact of sugar beet harvest technology on root damages
100 # 2071
Analysis of the functioning of a data base for monitoring sugar beet production
105 # 2262
The problems involved in the development and publishing of electronic educational materials
114 # 2487
Teaching from a distance on the example of the subject “Farm machines”
124 # 2840
Assessment of chances for keeping sugar beet production in Lubelskie Voivodeship
129 # 2936
Evaluation of sugar beet crops in the aspect of employed production technology and farm location
132 # 3094
Analysis of technologies employed in farms specialised in sugar beet production
19 # 1005
Characteristics of selected farms producing sugar beets and analysis of an agro-technical model applied in production
21 # 468
Application of the HACCP system to management of sugar beet production process
63 # 1330
Crop quality evaluation as an element of verification of the quality management system in sugar beet production
66 # 1283
Education quality in the opinion of graduates of the faculty. Agricultural and forest technology
87 # 351
The Code of Good Practice of Sugar Beet Cultivation as a tool to enhance production methods
88 # 414
Plantation card as a management tool in agrotechnics on the example of sugar beet production
95 # 1900
E-learning in Agricultural Engineering
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