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Knaga Jarosław
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102 # 2162
Energy losses in a flat-plate solar collector
107 # 2295
Analysis of signal usability in the skid control system for farm tractor wheels
115 # 2542
Efficiency of compressor heat pump (air-water) after modernisation of guiding system for lower heat source
122 # 2762
Analysis of signal quality at varying frequency in the system of control of skid of farm tractor wheels
130 # 2987
Analysis of the variability of solar energy conversion for a flat solar collector
144 # 3391
Modelling electric energy and heat transfer in small autonomous solar systems
151 # 3592
Quality characteristics of electric energy generated in a wind power plant
52 # 791
Modelling changes in demand for electric power for heating purposes
66 # 1312
Efficiency of heat pump with spiral compressor
70 # 1223
Change models for electric energy demands in rural households
86 # 342
Characteristics of farmsteads as users of electric energy
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