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100 # 2104
Energetic and economic analysis of thermal energy production in wood chip boiler-rooms
100 # 2096
Methodology for small wind power plant testing
100 # 2095
The idea and construction of a ground heat exchanger as an element of dwelling-house ventilation system
104 # 2252
The use of landfill gas for energy production purposes on the example of a selected facility
105 # 2279
An attempt to determine time for agrotechnical measures at energy willow plantations using mathematical models and neural networks
107 # 2327
Example of water energy use in the territory of northern Poland
109 # 2402
Selection of heat pumps supported by artificial neural networks for single-family houses for complete and incomplete data sets
109 # 2405
The concept for building a bioreactor for biomass composting – test stand
115 # 2556
An attempt to determine pressure distribution in an aerated compost bed
117 # 2585
The concept of using fuzzy logic to control composting process for biomass of agricultural origin with simultaneous heat reception
117 # 2583
Using a singlesystem microcontroller to control optimal positioning of photo-voltaic cell plane relative to the sun
117 # 2586
Using self-learning algorithms to control composting process for biomass of agricultural origin
121 # 2749
Fuel cell as an energy source in a farm
121 # 2747
Prediction of temperature changes for compost bed depending on aeration degree, carried out using artificial neural networks
121 # 2753
The impact of bed aeration on the progress of first composting process phase
123 # 2825
Construction of a station for testing of energy aspects of composting of biomass of agricultural origin
123 # 2827
Gasification of waste biomass from agricultural production
123 # 2833
Impact of additives and aeration on the dynamics of the composting process
130 # 3004
The expected possibilities of using energy potential of the renewable energy sources for the selected region of warmińsko-mazurskie voivodeship
137 # 3220
Comparing the possibility of recovering surpluses of thermal energy in the process of composting of the selected waste from the fruit and vegetables processing
139 # 3292
Methodology of determination of losses and the amount of the produced heat in the process of biological waste composting
140 # 3311
Optimization with the use of genetic algorithms of the location depth of horizontal ground heat exchangers
151 # 3591
Control of heat collection and airing process during composting with compactrio controller
21 # 504
Comparison of annual consumption and costs of energy by the households in individual houses and in blocks of flats
31 # 1690
The selected problems conceming application of wind energy - net information system
35 # 908
Modelllng of a flat solar coliectors cover
61 # 1175
Influence of selected factors upon the efficiencyof polycarbonate solar collector
61 # 1176
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of waste from agricultural farm on the example of a community
67 # 949
Utilization of communal wastes in territory of selected commune
68 # 1401
MySQL and PHP as the tools for creating data bases available in Internet
86 # 337
Potential to use renevable energy sources in a selected individual farm
90 # 1790
Neural Network as a tool enabling prediction of water demand in agricultu
90 # 1802
The level of operating a personal computer skill and usable software knowledge amongst students of the Faculty Agricultural and Forest Technology
94 # 1894
Conceptualization for application of compost prism as low temperature heat source in vegetable production
96 # 1966
The example of using compost heap as a low-temperature source of heat
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