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Salamon Jacek
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tel. : 0 12 662 46 61
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107 # 2325
The effect of delayed impact of selected rural area environment elements on multifunctional development level
28 # 1593
Conditions necessary to secure efficient functioning of land reclamation systems
28 # 1606
Organization of public Utilities inert communes
36 # 1050
Analysis of concentration and location of selected environmental hazards in South-East Poland
36 # 1043
Current state of technical infrastructure in counties of the Małopolska and Podkarpacie provinces regarding the unemploymnet level
45 Tom I # 1104
The multifunctional development of rural areas in Śląskie providence in the context of infrastructure development level
45 Tom II # 1147
Analysis of economic rural development considering the level of technical infrastructure development
45 Tom II # 1157
Corrosion of lines of water supply system situated in rural area
86 # 334
Factors of multifunctional development of rural areas on the example of świętokrzyskie province
96 # 1964
Functional classification of rural areas of the swiętokrzyskie province
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