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100 # 2090
Analysis of the effectiveness of the elements of the system using a heat pump to heat a foil tunnel
100 # 2089
Constructional and operational guidelines for systems using a heat pump to heat horticultural objects
100 # 2088
Economic and ecological aspects of the use of the integrated system for heating horticultural objects
104 # 2242
Effectiveness of heat pump working with ground heat exchangers
104 # 2241
Effectiveness of heat pump working with solar collectors in hybrid system
104 # 2240
Geometrical dimensions and type of roofing vs. demand for heat in a greenhouse
108 # 2363
Automation of computing parameters in a system using equipment operation periodicity
108 # 2351
Methodological aspects for computing of illumination inside production greenhouse
108 # 2352
The impact of light sources layout modification on plant light exposure intensity in a greenhouse
109 # 2406
Automation in computing of parameters for a system using device operation periodicity
123 # 2812
Methodical aspects of the analysis of energy issues of the heat pump co-operating with vertical heat exchangers
126 # 2911
Current research problems in agricultural engineering in the light of the 17th Congress of Agricultural Engineering in Quebec
126 # 2912
Methodical aspects for determining the impact of horticultural facility covering on heat demand during the heating season
129 # 2956
Theoretical analysis of energy yield for silicon photovoltaic cells in solar conditions in Małopolska Region
131 # 3072
Selected aspects of cooperation between a heat pump and ground heat exchangers
132 # 3100
Utilisation of low-temperature heat in agriculture using heat pumps - current state and prospects
136 # 3158
Heat surplus storage in polyethylene tunnel type greenhouses – the rock-bed accumulator concept
136 # 3166
Storing heat surplus from a plastic tunnel in a rock - bed storage
136 # 3188
The application of SSL LED technology in programmable plant lighting systems
137 # 3201
Heat storage in rock-bed accumulator - preliminary results
143 # 3386
Modelling of temperature field in the ground with the use of spreadsheet
145 # 3410
Analysis of thermal issues in a plastic tunnel during supply of heat from stone accumulator
145 # 3409
Structure guidelines for the system using a heat pump for heating a garden facility
145 # 3426
The use of thermovision in the study of thermal distribution within the plastic tunnels equipped with heat accumulators
146 # 3449
Economic and ecology analysis of using a heat pump for heating garden facilities
147 # 3484
Variability of the air flow velocity in the heat accumulator with a stone bed depending on the structure of the air distribution system
151 # 3587
Analysis of the selected factors impact on the amount of stored heat and the mass change in the rock-bed storage placed in the laboratory tunnel
155 # 3667
Heat storing effectiveness with the use of a recuperator in the liquid type battery
19 # 1009
Changes of some parameters of the heated air flowing out from perforated duct
51 # 1650
An energetic analisys of storage of head excess ouring heating of a foil tunnel
51 # 1649
Impact of some factors on head compsumtionin a foil tunnel
51 # 1648
Temperaturee changes of horticultural substrate placed in multi-cell trays, heater with a resistance heating wire
53 # 591
Changes in air temperature under different technical equipment in a plastic tunnel
53 # 589
Shaping microclimate parameters inside a plastic tunnel
53 # 590
System of monitoring environmental parameters in a plastic tunnel
67 # 923
Influence of solar radiation on heat consumption in film tunnel
67 # 922
Reproducing the progress of continuous processes, based on discrete measurement values
70 # 1208
Comparison of methods used to reconstruct continuous process time runs
70 # 1209
Object structure and equipment impact on inside air temperature changes caused by solar radiation
86 # 314
Analysis of calorific effect of ground heat exchanger in the heat pump installation
86 # 313
Analysis of certain problems connected with selection of the heat pump for a heated horticultural building
86 # 315
Effect of selected factors on heat exchange intensity in the heated foil tunnel
86 # 316
Energy-consuming rate for field production of certain root vegetables
86 # 332
Methodical aspects of selecting a heat pump source for heating a foil tunnel
88 # 441
Demand for water by greenhouse tomatoes considering controllable parameters of the ambient climate
94 # 1879
Power use and ecological analysis for use of heat pump applied to heat a foil tunnel
97 # 1985
Energy analysis for lower heat sources of heating pump while heating a plastic tunnel
97 # 1987
Setup for analysing operation of heat pumps used to heat plastic tunnels
97 # 1986
The influence of liquid volume in the accumulation tank on heat pump energy effects in a bivalent system
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