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Zawiślak Kazimierz
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111 # 2474
Change in selected geometrical characteristics of barley flakes due to different hydrothermal treatments
111 # 2477
The impact of coating process on selected physical properties of obtained products
111 # 2482
The impact of material grinding on proportioning process
138 # 3244
Influence of packing pressure of acid curd cheese on the selected parameters of the product
141 # 3332
Evaluation of contaminations occurring after a mechanical collection of ground cover
141 # 3333
Intensification of the process of pressing juices of the selected root vegetables with the use of the freezing technique
149 # 3534
Analysis of possibilities of obtaining essential oils from herbaceous plants waste
149 # 3541
Impact of the speed of the measuring head of the texture measuring device on the obtained values of basic differentiators of the texture profile analysis of Capresi cheese
154 # 3654
Purification and sorting of dry cornflower petals mixture in a horizontal air stream
33 # 691
Determination of some technological properties of the microwave treated barley and wheat grain
60 # 1567
Strength properities of new products obtained on the basis of prepared grains of cereals and seeds
69 # 861
69 # 852
Sensory evaluation of cereal products which were applied to hydro-thermal and thermal processing
69 # 873
Technological guidelines for production of new-generation food fancy goods
71 # 1444
Convection drying of selected hard renner cheeses
71 # 1445
Dynamic of concentration drying process of Parmezan type hard cheese for flavouring purpose
71 # 1470
Sensory assessment of the bars produced of processed cereal grains
71 # 1451
Thermal preparation of wheat grain
82 # 284
Influence of the shape of the surface of extruding rolls on durability
93 # 1863
Changes of selected physical properties of granulated product obtained with addition of different binding substances
93 # 1855
The influence of sorbitol additive on selected product features after high-pressure agglomeration
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