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Obidziński Sławomir
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138 # 3248
The investigation of pressure exerted by the material on the wall of the densification chamber
141 # 3334
Construction of a mixing-densifying-dosing system of a palletizer for plant materials
153 # 3643
Briquetting waste material in a prototype pelletizing and briquetting arrangement
153 # 3638
Innovations in the structure of plant material pelletizers
16 # 774
Study of thermal coductivity coefficient of bee honeys
60 # 1564
Heat of combustions and calorific values of the deciduous and coniferous trees’ bark
69 # 849
Thermo-physical properties of frozen food
82 # 268
Influence of time of grinding of a ring matrix on loads in working system of the granulator in fodder granulation process
93 # 1846
The influence of equipment-process parameters on values of compacting pressures in the feed granulating process
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