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111 # 2469
Texture changes during storage in different conditions of acidic cottage cheeses obtained using conventional method
126 # 2916
Thermal processing in a roaster for selected legumi-nous seeds intended for food production
130 # 2996
The impact of negative pressure applied during packing on the basic physical properties of acid curd cheese
138 # 3238
Computer-aided process design of evaporation station
138 # 3244
Influence of packing pressure of acid curd cheese on the selected parameters of the product
141 # 3332
Evaluation of contaminations occurring after a mechanical collection of ground cover
141 # 3331
Impact of the storage temperature and time on the selected quality properties of rapeseed, linseed and cameline seed oil
149 # 3534
Analysis of possibilities of obtaining essential oils from herbaceous plants waste
149 # 3541
Impact of the speed of the measuring head of the texture measuring device on the obtained values of basic differentiators of the texture profile analysis of Capresi cheese
154 # 3654
Purification and sorting of dry cornflower petals mixture in a horizontal air stream
16 # 772
Effect of the temperature on water absorption ability of legume seeds totally immersed in water
31 # 1679
Use of microprocessor recorder to qualification of temperatures schedule in laboratory stove
71 # 1444
Convection drying of selected hard renner cheeses
71 # 1445
Dynamic of concentration drying process of Parmezan type hard cheese for flavouring purpose
82 # 266
Temperature changes during heat treatment of chosen smoked sausages obtained by traditional method
93 # 1844
The influence of lowered pressure on strength properties of corn seedsafter hydrothermal treatment
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