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Jakubowski Marek
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111 # 2464
Fluid motion in Whirlpoll whirl tank
138 # 3254
Fluid flow simulation in a whirlpool tank of multi-point inflow
141 # 3328
Formation phases of a sediment cone inside a test tank of a whirlpool vat
141 # 3337
Numerical analysis of fluid flow between the plates of the plate heat exchanger
148 # 3527
Influence of a whirlpool tilt angles on the placement of a substitute sediment cone
149 # 3536
Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD as an innovative tool for stimulating the smoke drying process and for modeling the construction elements of a smoke-drying chamber
149 # 3537
Effects of modifications of the power nozzles structure in the smoke-drying chamber on the reduction of PAH compounds content in meat products
60 # 1545
Simulation of fluid rotational motion in a rotational-settling vat
69 # 840
Analyses of measuring the velocity of fluid rotating in whirling-settling vat
82 # 253
Influence of the shape of the connection of side surface and the bottom surface on creation of a silting swirl in a settling-whirl vault
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