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Chigarev Yuri
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102 # 2133
The use of Boussinesque’s equation to determine stresses in soil caused by the action of machine units
110 # 2418
The impact of tyre tread type and its wear on sandy soil compaction
51 # 1637
Preparing an agricultural ecosystem balance condition model with the application of walter equations
63 # 1332
Elaborating model of agro-ecosystem considering the lively and inanimate soil components
63 # 1331
Possibility of stochastic instability of agricultural implements’ vibration in soil
77 # 20
Investigation on estimating energetistic parameters of earthworms
80 # 145
The evaluation of the Boussinesqu-fröhlich solution to determination of soil stress in laboratory conditions
99 # 2017
Development of the "machine – soil" rheological model
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