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102 # 2116
Agroengineering calls for new challenges
102 # 2153
Assessment of the distribution of the spray liquid in an apple tree orchard, done with the use of the water sensitive paper
107 # 2292
About the need to establish a Scientific Network in agroengineering environment
108 # 2342
Two-fan spraying machine for orchard protection – laboratory and field tests
114 # 2484
Agroengineering against a background of transformations in agriculture and industry
119 # 2675
From idea to application
122 # 2766
Distribution of working solution for different technologies of application of herbicides in an orchard
129 # 2942
Plant protection techniqe in EU Directives
133 # 3052
Biobed for bioremediation of liquid remnants after spray application treatments – Biobed stand for bioremediation of liquid remnants after spray application treatments
133 # 3030
Safe management methods of liquid remnants after plant protection treatments in bioremediation and dehydration systems
133 # 3034
The influence of the height of sprayed plants and the technical condition of the used knapsack sprayer on potential hazards for the environment and the sprayer operator
136 # 3158
Heat surplus storage in polyethylene tunnel type greenhouses – the rock-bed accumulator concept
136 # 3156
Putting Lidar scanning into plant protection spraying technique
136 # 3166
Storing heat surplus from a plastic tunnel in a rock - bed storage
137 # 3201
Heat storage in rock-bed accumulator - preliminary results
137 # 3198
Spray deposit and loss obtained with dualfan orchard sprayer
139 # 3301
Mission of agriculture sciences in development of polish agrifood sector
145 # 3401
Agricultural engineering in the United States of America
145 # 3410
Analysis of thermal issues in a plastic tunnel during supply of heat from stone accumulator
145 # 3399
Methodology of the inspection of the spraying equipment mounted on trains
145 # 3426
The use of thermovision in the study of thermal distribution within the plastic tunnels equipped with heat accumulators
146 # 3469
Influence of the height of a field toolbar and utility liquid pressure on sedimentation drift
147 # 3484
Variability of the air flow velocity in the heat accumulator with a stone bed depending on the structure of the air distribution system
149 # 3552
Spray application quality as affected by spray volume, nozzles and phenological growth stage of apples
151 # 3587
Analysis of the selected factors impact on the amount of stored heat and the mass change in the rock-bed storage placed in the laboratory tunnel
152 # 3610
The influence of nozzle configuration in orchard sprayers on the vertical distribution of spray
154 # 3659
Effect of spray application parameters on the airborne drift
155 # 3667
Heat storing effectiveness with the use of a recuperator in the liquid type battery
77 # 40
Spray distribution in the trees during spraying apple orchard
77 # 3
Testing sprayers in use in Poland and in EU
80 # 160
Spraying technique as a tool to reduce the contamination of environment by pesticides
86 # 301
The role of horticultural engineering in development of Polish hortculture production
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