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138 # 3233
Influence of porosity on textural properties of wheat extrudates
141 # 3352
Effect of the pores distribution in transverse section on textural property of cereal extrudate
141 # 3323
The effect of the surface development of extrudate on the dynamics of water sorption in various storage conditions
143 # 3359
Preliminary investigation of moisture stability of extrudated products
147 # 3479
Impact of fragmentation of extrudate on the water absorption and water solubility indices
150 # 3578
Identification of extrusion process parameters based on its response to the step function
60 # 1551
Initial results of investigations on the extrusion of highly raw materials E.G. maize grouts
69 # 833
Influence of the specific row-material flow rates on the quality coefficients of the extrudate from wheat-maize mixtures
69 # 834
Influence of the working element geometry of the extruder on the energy consumption and quality of the obtained product
70 # 1189
Impact of selected extrusion process parameters on ekstrudate colors changes
70 # 1184
Modeling of texture qualities for wheat bakery using a surface colors change dynamics indicator during thermal treatment
71 # 1412
An attempt to developing methodology of colour determination for selected products
82 # 245
The influence of buckwheat supplement on the properties of maize extrudate
82 # 244
Use of fuzzy controllers in optimization of operation of a line for extrusion of plant products
93 # 1811
A variance of individual color discriminants during the apple drying process, depending on the used blanching method
93 # 1862
Changes in apple color during the convection drying process
99 # 2022
Mix composition impact on the density and solubility of a maize-buckwheat extrudate
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