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111 # 2476
Analysis of washing programs in the CIP system in a brewery
111 # 2464
Fluid motion in Whirlpoll whirl tank
111 # 2467
Thawing of strawberries using the vacuum-steam method
126 # 2896
Impact analysis for individual factors in the process of system and equipment washing
138 # 3230
Analysis of the meat tumbler drive power components
138 # 3231
Energy as a function of the effectiveness of CIP
138 # 3251
Influence of time and the cleaning liquid flow velocity on the effectiveness of cleaning the plate heat exchanger
138 # 3250
Measurement of the cleaning liquid parameters during the process of cleaning the plate heat exchangers
60 # 1545
Simulation of fluid rotational motion in a rotational-settling vat
69 # 826
Analysis of conditions of butter-churn surface degradation
69 # 827
Investigations on the influence of the humidity of amaratnthus grains on the effect of their crushing
69 # 828
Systems and service conditions of bakery equipment
71 # 1446
Evaluation of dirtiness degree and washing effectiveness of acid-proof steel surfaces
71 # 1437
Kinetics of mass and temperature changes during sublimation-steaming-vacuum thawing of meat
82 # 236
A comparison of meat defrosting using vacuum-cum-steam and sublimation-cum-vacuum-cum-steam methods
82 # 253
Influence of the shape of the connection of side surface and the bottom surface on creation of a silting swirl in a settling-whirl vault
82 # 237
Normal wear of convection-cum-vapour furnaces
93 # 1836
Setting out the degree of sublimation dehydration during sublimation-vacuum-steam meat defrosting process
93 # 1815
The influence of mechanical factors on pipeline washing effectiveness
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