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102 # 2130
Effects of soil den sity and composition on the assessment of its compactness
103 # 2214
Testing of susceptibility to compacting for the layer of clayey black earth under arable soil
110 # 2415
Physical properties of arable layer in selected black earths of Szczecin Lowland
110 # 2450
Shear strength of sub-arable layer in brown soils of Szczecin Lowland
110 # 2418
The impact of tyre tread type and its wear on sandy soil compaction
110 # 2439
Timber skidding effect on selected physical and mechanical properties of forest soil
119 # 2658
The impact of loading silty soil with sugar beet harvester wheels on its physical properties
126 # 2927
The relationship between medium clay boundary stress and its deformation rate
137 # 3225
Influence of the soil compaction method on the course of experimental curves and on the determined value of its ultimate bearing capacity
33 # 622
The influence of the soil age-hardening on its resistance to deformation
63 # 1329
Physical and mechanical properties of loamy soil subsoil at two tillage systems
64 # 747
The comparison of two methods of the pre-compaction stress determination in subsoil layer of the Pyrzyce black earth soil
77 # 17
Studies of subsoil compaction of loamy soil
77 # 18
The possibility of application of shear (tore) vane to assessment of soil cohesion
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