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107 # 2332
Using of structural models to forecast rural consumers’ demand for natural gas
107 # 2317
Using of the Mamdani models to predict daily loads of rural power networks
110 # 2451
Using the Takagi–Sugeno models for short-term forecasting of rural consumers’ demand for electric energy
114 # 2505
Fuzzy models of power demand for the purposes of short-term predicting of electric energy consumption in the country. Part I. Algorithms used to determine fuzzy models
114 # 2506
Fuzzy models of power demand for the purposes of short-term predicting of electric energy consumption in the country. Part II. Development of predictive relationship models
114 # 2519
Voltage fluctuations in rural electric power networks
122 # 2793
Analysis of indicators characterising the quality of voltage in rural power networks
151 # 3601
Analysis of the electric power distribution systems on the rural areas of central Poland
2 # 538
Quality of supplying rural consumers- with electric energy in Raciechowice community
36 # 1047
Long-term forecasting of elektroenergetic needs in rural communies
36 # 1066
Short-term forecast of the electric energy selling to consumers in rural communies
45 Tom II # 1148
Application of fuzzy clustering to comparative analysis of a failure frequency of rural distribution networks
45 Tom II # 1152
Calculating of load in the rural low voltage power networks
52 # 791
Modelling changes in demand for electric power for heating purposes
66 # 1312
Efficiency of heat pump with spiral compressor
67 # 957
Comparison of applicability of selected fussy models for predicting electric energy demand in rural areas
70 # 1223
Change models for electric energy demands in rural households
81 # 219
Application of alternative prediction methods for long-term forecasting of local energy consumption in rural areas
86 # 343
Application of fuzzy relational models for prediction of monthly saleof electric energy to rural consumers
86 # 342
Characteristics of farmsteads as users of electric energy
86 # 341
Prognostic models of electric energy sales to rural consumers based on fractal dimension, logistic and heuristic crossing models
95 # 1925
Analysis of power supply voltage quality in rural farms
95 # 1924
Evaluation of electric system condition in farm outbuildings
96 # 1971
Heat demand and potential to satisfy it by means of biomass combustion in Podkarpackie voivodeship
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