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Rudy Stanisław
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126 # 2925
Analysis of the impact of drying methods on essential oils contents in dried parsley leaves
126 # 2909
The retention of carothenoids in dried paprika depending on the pretreatment and drying methods and conditions
136 # 3155
Influence of temperature of quince fruit convective drying (Cydonia oblonga Mill.) on the course of the process and selected properties of dried fruit
149 # 3549
Analysis of possibilities of recovering and storing heat from cooling installation of the tunnel freezer
33 # 674
Influence of the conditions of convective drying on chemical and physical quality properties of leek
64 # 734
Influence of convection drying conditions and way of preparation of paprika on changes of chromatic colour coordinates
64 # 729
Mathematical model of colour change of paprika during lyophilization process
81 # 203
Mathematical modelling of thermal degradation of l-ascorbic acid during convection drying of leek
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