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105 # 2286
Computer program for the determination of the traction parameters of the drive wheels
105 # 2259
The computer simulation of the soil strength parameters on the basis of the Janosi-Hanamato and the Coulomb-Mohr models
110 # 2413
Tests of dynamic normal load for tractor drive wheels
118 # 2606
Predicting rolling resistance of farm tractor wheels running on soil
62 # 708
Accuracy analysis of the tyre-soil models to the conditions of the loosened light sandy soil
68 # 1363
Electronic-information system for monitoring, steering and management in poultry production and breeding
77 # 16
A model for the determination of the wheel resistance force results from the tyre deformation in the soil
90 # 1764
Simulation model for prediction of the selected parameters of the towed wheels
90 # 1803
The measurement methods of the wheel motion parameters with support information technics
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