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105 # 2281
Modelling of functional statuses in the language of Bayesian networks
126 # 2915
Basic rules of agricultural production process modelling
129 # 2960
Modelling a protective action synthesis for the agricultural producution process
130 # 3003
Identification of attributes as a stage of modelling ergonomic evaluation of workstations
131 # 3064
Decision process modelling in the integrated agricultural production system
136 # 3169
A concept of the questionnaire measurement of work safety culture
151 # 3593
food industry, health and safety, awareness of employee, working conditions
68 # 1378
Computer–aided realization of ergonomic and work safety and hygiene principles at designing the restaurants and cook–shops
74 # 1259
Design of the didactic server module for the subject of ergonomics
81 # 194
Creating work safety culture in food industry plant
87 # 383
Application of Bayesian networks in modeling of agricultural production process
90 # 1796
Computer application of fatigue opinion among employee in food industry
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