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100 # 2090
Analysis of the effectiveness of the elements of the system using a heat pump to heat a foil tunnel
103 # 2177
Supporting foil tunnel heating with solar radiation energy
104 # 2242
Effectiveness of heat pump working with ground heat exchangers
104 # 2241
Effectiveness of heat pump working with solar collectors in hybrid system
107 # 2313
Efficiency of solar heat storage system in function of ambient temperature
107 # 2314
The impact of solar conditions on the effect of work of vacuum tube and flat plate solar collector
110 # 2430
Analysis of ecological effects when using water warmed up in vacuum collectors for the purposes of watering vegetables grown in a greenhouse
110 # 2431
Using water heated up in solar collectors for watering tomatoes grown in covered facilities
119 # 2687
The impact of external climatic conditions on work efficiency of vacuum tube solar collector
121 # 2742
Ecological Aspects of Using Solar Radiation Energy in Animal Production
129 # 2956
Theoretical analysis of energy yield for silicon photovoltaic cells in solar conditions in Małopolska Region
131 # 3072
Selected aspects of cooperation between a heat pump and ground heat exchangers
131 # 3077
The concept of the system controlling the solar system, which supports the under covers production
136 # 3158
Heat surplus storage in polyethylene tunnel type greenhouses – the rock-bed accumulator concept
136 # 3166
Storing heat surplus from a plastic tunnel in a rock - bed storage
137 # 3201
Heat storage in rock-bed accumulator - preliminary results
137 # 3215
Participation of photoelectric energy used to supply control – measurement apparatus of a plastic tunnel
145 # 3410
Analysis of thermal issues in a plastic tunnel during supply of heat from stone accumulator
145 # 3425
Optimisation procedure of selection of the buffer bin cooperating with the heat pump
145 # 3409
Structure guidelines for the system using a heat pump for heating a garden facility
145 # 3426
The use of thermovision in the study of thermal distribution within the plastic tunnels equipped with heat accumulators
146 # 3461
Efficiency of the heat pump cooperating with a buffer bin with a variable volume
146 # 3431
XX Years of the winter scientific school “Scientific, Technical and Organizational Progress in Agriculcture”
147 # 3484
Variability of the air flow velocity in the heat accumulator with a stone bed depending on the structure of the air distribution system
151 # 3587
Analysis of the selected factors impact on the amount of stored heat and the mass change in the rock-bed storage placed in the laboratory tunnel
155 # 3667
Heat storing effectiveness with the use of a recuperator in the liquid type battery
53 # 591
Changes in air temperature under different technical equipment in a plastic tunnel
53 # 589
Shaping microclimate parameters inside a plastic tunnel
53 # 590
System of monitoring environmental parameters in a plastic tunnel
67 # 928
Effect of chosen factors on heat consumption during electric heating of garden substrate
67 # 927
Effect of shading screens on light conditions in a film tunnel
70 # 1213
Solar energy thermal conversion in flat liquid collectors
70 # 1212
Theoretical grounds solar energy thermal conversion from point of view of usable heat in liquid collectors
81 # 183
Effectiveness of solar radiation conversion in a solar collector in function of heating medium flow speed
86 # 314
Analysis of calorific effect of ground heat exchanger in the heat pump installation
86 # 2371
Efficiency of the liquid collector as a function of angle of incidence of solar radiation
86 # 319
Heat loss in a liquid collector as a function of ambient temperature
86 # 332
Methodical aspects of selecting a heat pump source for heating a foil tunnel
94 # 1879
Power use and ecological analysis for use of heat pump applied to heat a foil tunnel
97 # 1988
Absorber efficiency in function of ambient temperature and operating parameters of liquid collector
97 # 1986
The influence of liquid volume in the accumulation tank on heat pump energy effects in a bivalent system
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