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10 # 1504
Effect of external temperature on distribution of grain pressure on silo walls
107 # 2312
The impact of wheat grain storage conditions on germination ability
111 # 2468
The impact of raw material composition on textural haracteristics of milk chocolates
114 # 2500
Proportioning process accuracy on the example of kefir filling line
121 # 2745
The impact of moisture content on selected mechanical properties of oats and barley seeds
121 # 2735
The impact of moisture content on selected physical properties of the pawo variety triticale
122 # 2778
Impact of humidity on physical and geometrical properties of slavic varieties of rye grains
129 # 2963
Analysis of changes in the grain mass volume for the selected crop species, occurring under load
129 # 2952
Proportioning accuracy of the PAG-40 filling and packing automatic machine during sour cream packing process
129 # 2953
The air flow resistance during ground wheat grain aeration
129 # 2948
The impact of dry matter content on the rheological properties of carrot juice
129 # 2947
The impact of humidity and vertical pressure on unit flow resistance values for air flowing through the barley grain layer
129 # 2940
The impact of pressure exerted by the grain mass stored in a silo on changes in geometrical parameters of wheat
130 # 2993
Mechanical properties of the texture of biscuit on fat dough
132 # 3108
Analysis of volume changes of selected cereal ground grain in result of loading
132 # 3096
Influence of moisture and vertical pressure on airflow resistance through oat grain
137 # 3213
Influence of caryopses moisture and vertical load on their energy and germination ability
138 # 3239
Influence of saccharin additive on physical properties of sponge-fat dough
139 # 3262
Morphometric features of rye caryopses stored in a silo
149 # 3538
Assessment of variability of the maximum cutting force depending on the structure of the beetroot pulp
16 # 768
Effect of storage duration on physical properties of rye grain
51 # 1623
Impact of temperature on horizontal pressure of rye grain in a model silos
60 # 1560
The effect of the size and position of the rounds orifice on the flow rate of rapeseeds
67 # 924
Effect of water contents changes on hardness of wheat grains during silo storage in modelling conditions
71 # 1441
Effect of selected geometrical hole parameters on the flow intensity of oats grains
71 # 1440
Effect of the size and position of square hole on flow intensity of the rape seeds
8 # 1030
Model studies on the effects of rye grain moisture content, duration of storage and silo "slenderness" on horizontal and vertical pressures
80 # 179
Impact of oats seed density and air flow speed on hydraulic resistance
80 # 178
Impact water content in rapeseed and storage time on vertical pressure in silos
82 # 262
Influence of an addition of sweeteners on chosen mechanical and physical-cum-chemical features of agar jelly
82 # 260
Influence of wheat storage in a rectangular prism silo on grain hardness index
82 # 261
Texture parametrs of non-glutene sponge cake with addition of chosen raising agents
86 # 317
Assessment of influence of air flow rate and density of rye grain packing on hydraulic resistance
93 # 1839
The influence of raising agent on selected texture properties of semi-flaky pastry
96 # 1952
The effect of oats grain porosity on air flow resistance
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