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111 # 2466
The analysis of expansion ways for seeds and vegetables and fruit using water phase transition method
16 # 765
Changes in external and internal structure of amaranth seeds occuring at their pressureless expanding
16 # 764
Effect of moisture content on selected mechanical properties of amaranth seeds
60 # 1557
Length of the pneumatic pipe in the process thermal expanding of millet seede in hot air stream
71 # 1436
Effectivnes of seeds’ expanding process in the stream of hot air
71 # 1435
Heat exchanging at thermal expanding of the millet seeds in a stream of hot air
8 # 1032
Effect of air temperature and plant material moisture content on efficiency of no-pressure expanding of amaranth seeds
80 # 167
Impact of insulation properties on the process of seed expansion in hot air stream
80 # 166
Impact of the seed size on the necessary pneumatic tube length in the process of seed expansion
82 # 258
Influence of air humidity on heat exchange in the process of thermal expansion of sedes in a stream of hot air
82 # 259
Influence of air humidity on values that decide of product quality in thermal expansion of seeds in a hot air stream
93 # 1835
Impact of basic input parameters of amaranth and millet seeds expanding process in hot air stream on the reliability of their pneumatic transportation
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