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Parafiniuk Stanisław
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10 # 1495
Effectivenes of technical work equipment on the family farms
111 # 2479
Changes in the value of cutting fo rce applied to wheat grains versus leaf fertilization technique
111 # 2475
The effect of spraying technique in leaf fertilization on wheat grain yield and compression force values
117 # 2588
Effectiveness of bean protection against diseases using standard and ejector type atomizers
122 # 2784
Usability of the process of protection of plants by means of field spraying machines
126 # 2917
Protection of multiflorous bean against rust (Uromyces appediculatus) using standard and ejector type atomisers
130 # 3000
The evaluation of the technical condition of the field toolbar of the spraying machine with the use of the method of survey of selected sprayers
143 # 3380
Impact of technical efficiency of an antidrop valve on the size of liquid outflow from slotted atomizers
19 # 1000
Tendendes of changes in agricultural production system and mechanization level on selected farms
80 # 163
Energy expenses on farms with different economical size
86 # 304
Level and dynamics of changes in outfit and usage of farm tractors on family farmsteads
88 # 450
Transport outlays in the analyzed family farmsteads
96 # 1965
The impact of material and energy expenditure on the ecological effect of management in agriculture
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