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102 # 2126
Analysis of traction for ces of a driving tyre done for modified cultivation technologies
102 # 2124
Evaluation of chan ges in maximum traction force of tyres of the grass type on sodded ground
103 # 2189
Analysis of selected traction properties for the New Holland TG 255 tractor
119 # 2653
Analysis of changes in strength parameters of sod in variable soil conditions
119 # 2651
Assessment of tyre tread protrusion wear in the aspect of farm tractors traction capacity
119 # 2652
Evaluation of traction properties in the drive wheel – forest ground arrangement in the aspect of wheel slip changes
119 # 2654
Values of unit pressure at selected depths in ground covered with sod for varying sod use intensities
120 # 2707
Analysis of traction properties for drive tyres in simplified soil cultivation technologies
123 # 2828
Analysis of traction properties of sod in variable soil conditions
134 # 3139
Analysis of traction properties of Fendt 820 tractor in the selected technologies of soil cultivation
146 # 3451
Impact of cutting parameters on the quality and efficiency of soil scarification with cultivator prongs
147 # 3489
Impact of the cultivators prongs elasticity on the quality and efficiency of clay soils scarification
153 # 3644
Impact of the speed of cultivation units and cultivation and sowing units on the working resistance in the aspect of long-term use of different systems of soil cultivation
156 # 3686
Methodological aspects of determination of resultant force acting on the cultivator spring tines
33 # 619
Research on adhesion of mictotraktor's tyre in different soil conditions
63 # 1324
Analysis of traction properties of a microtractor wheel in various technologies of selected plants cultivation
63 # 1326
Evaluation of traction parameters of forest roads with various surface
63 # 1325
Traction parameters of tyres working on forest roads
77 # 11
Evaluation of changes of selected mechanical parameters of soil in different technologies of tillage
77 # 10
Evaluation of possibility to improve tyres’ traction properties under the forest road conditions
77 # 9
Evaluation of traction properties of tyres on different forests’ roads
77 # 8
Evaluation of traction propriety of tyres in simplified technologies of tillage
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