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10 # 1482
Investigation of wheat grain hardness using different measurement methods
114 # 2490
Evaluation of energy consumption for crushing wheat seed with diversified hardness
126 # 2898
Evaluation of wheat grain physical properties carried out using an analyser of single seeds
126 # 2899
The influence of humidity on the process involving shredding of wheat grain diversified in hardness
129 # 2938
The impact of grooves positioning in milling rollers on wheat grain shredding process
136 # 3155
Influence of temperature of quince fruit convective drying (Cydonia oblonga Mill.) on the course of the process and selected properties of dried fruit
149 # 3549
Analysis of possibilities of recovering and storing heat from cooling installation of the tunnel freezer
19 # 993
Study on miiling properties ofselected wheat grain varieties
51 # 1635
Influence of the wheat grain upon the crushing process
60 # 1550
Influence of ray-gain features on the process of grinding
60 # 1549
Influence of ray-grain temperature on grinding
80 # 149
Impact of rye grain sprouting on energy consumption in comminution
87 # 361
Assessment of wheat grain strength characteristics based on cutting test
96 # 1939
Assessment of energy consumption for grinding of wheat grain previously put to crushing
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