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Wesołowska-Janczarek Mirosława
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126 # 2924
Evaluation of the dynamics of changes in average sugar content in sweet corn kernels by multivariate growth curves method
64 # 723
Dependence of the technical conditions of the tpc system defined by diagnostic parameters and exhaust gas emimssion exampled by "Polonez" vehicle
71 # 1460
Comparison of electric energy generation within 1995-2002 in selected provinces
71 # 1414
Sample size in experiment determinming elasticity modulus of the apple flesh
74 # 1232
Application of bootstrap method to study of magnetic field influence on mechanical properties of corn stalks
80 # 137
A problem of fitting a common curve for two replications on example of sprouting process of corn seeds stimulated with magnetic field
82 # 240
The number of replications in estimation of contrasts in an experiment with the module of apple flesh elasticity
93 # 1819
Sample size with division of population into three disjoint homogeneous groups in the experiment with modulus of elasticity of apple flesh
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