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Piechnik Leszek
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tel. : 0 61 848 71 76
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120 # 2726
Spectrophotometric calibration in a reflection probe model for dynamic soil humidity measurement
134 # 3138
Methodological and technical aspects of a laboratory research of a sensor for dynamic measurement of soil moisture
139 # 3286
It service of the laboratory stand for measuring soil humidity
139 # 3259
Methodological aspects of pressure compensation evaluation in emitters of drip irrigation lines
31 # 1686
The basis of application for computer-aided design of pressure irrigation systems
33 # 663
The evaluation of soil moisture sensor and FLORI-DC irrigation controller work
64 # 722
Field studies on optical sensor for dynamic measurments of soil moisture
79 # 126
The opinion of results of changes the power supply in optoelectronic system of psychrometry
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