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Kaniewska Joanna
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123 # 2808
Resistances of air flow through a conical drier filled with bean seeds
126 # 2921
Vibration type sieve batcher P. 1. Volumetric pour of seeds
126 # 2922
Vibration type sieve batcher P. 2. Quantitative pour of seeds
136 # 3180
Influence of a motovibrators setting angle on the amplitude of vibrations of open grid plates of a seed grader
136 # 3161
Influence of air pressure in a vibrator on selected technological parameters of a chute dispenser during supply of beetroot seeds
138 # 3237
Bean seeds processing in the non-water and osmotic environment
141 # 3322
Investigation of a laboratory gutter feeder driven by a vibrating motor
146 # 3442
Resistance of air flow through the bed of carrot seeds in the vibrating drier
147 # 3496
Research on efficiency of passing seeds through a sieve in the vibrating calibrator
153 # 3636
A modern method of obtaining organic seeds of onion and radish
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