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Buliński Jerzy
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110 # 2417
Assessment of action exerted on soil by tractor unit wheels in farms
119 # 2660
The use of soil channel for the study of working sets of tools and drive gears
133 # 3024
Influence of soil moisture on its compaction by a tractor wheel
136 # 3179
Tramline effect on yield of crops
33 # 625
Effect of tractor-machine combination on soil compaction in technologies of potato cultivation
64 # 730
Effect of tractor tyre technical parameters and ground rigidity on the wheel ground contact area
79 # 102
Effect of repeatedly tractor running on soil deformation in the wheel traces zone
91 # 1740
Analysis of tractor – machine sets in farms of podlaskie province with respect to soil compaction
99 # 2016
Affect of type of agricultural tractor-machine outfit on soil compaction in the arable layer
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