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103 # 2204
Comparative studies on methods used to take agricultural machinery out of service
110 # 2442
Examination of unscrewing moment values for screw joints protected with temporary anticorrosive protection agents
123 # 2831
Analysis of mechanisation services in ecological farms
123 # 2800
Selection and hierarchisation of quality parameters for cereal and beet harvesting machines
133 # 3031
Results of the research on the after-sales service quality of the agricultural machines
134 # 3140
Quality assessment of technical service of agricultural machines
136 # 3154
Selection of criteria of the quality assessment of agricultural machines with the method of features correlation
136 # 3181
The prioritizing process of the quality assessment criteria for agricultural machinery-service by comparisons method
147 # 3497
Logical diagnostics in the assessment of technical condition of modern agricultural tractors
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