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103 # 2183
Analysis of relationship between dielectric parameters and chemical properties of flour
115 # 2547
Relations between electric characteristics and activity of water in ground wheat grain
120 # 2717
The impact of wind direction on falling of atomised utility liquid stream during spraying flat field crops
120 # 2695
Using artificial neural networks to describe flour permittivity
122 # 2786
Distribution of fall of liquid sprayed by selected double-stream sprayers in conditions of operation of the main air stream
122 # 2787
Use of the bundle-pipe straightening machine for homogenisation of the air stream in the aerodynamic tunnel
123 # 2816
Dielectric properties of selected honey varieties
129 # 2968
The impact of spraying parameters and positioning of a selected double stream atomiser on distribution of sprayed liquid drop
129 # 2967
The impact of spraying parameters on sprayed objects coverage degree for a selected double stream atomiser
130 # 2994
Electric methods of detecting honey falsifications
134 # 3146
Assessment of degree of coverage of surfaces sprayed with an asymetrical double-stream sprayer
134 # 3147
Comparative analysis of fall distribution of liquid sprayed with the use of double-stream sprayers
134 # 3129
Influenc of temeprature on dielectric properties of honey
136 # 3184
Comparison of a coverage degree of facilities sprayed with the selected air induction sprayer – one and two–stream sprayers
137 # 3207
Application of Kohonen map and a scatter diagram for identification of honey groups according to their electric features
137 # 3208
Influence of LED light on growth of Garden Cress Lepidium Sativum
146 # 3454
A prevailing research subject matter concerning a plant protection technology
147 # 3505
Impact of speed and type of a sprayer on the degree of covering horizontal and vertical sprayed surfaces
149 # 3546
Investigation of the impact of water content and activity on electric properties of honey with the use of neuron networks
149 # 3539
Unevenness of spraying objects with selected one and double-stream nozzles
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