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Szymanek Mariusz
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tel. : 0 81 445 61 28
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107 # 2321
Durability evaluation for briquettes made of fodder corn phytomass
110 # 2437
Power demand during shredding of plant biomass for briquette production
115 # 2544
Assessment of the technology involving biogas production from municipal wastes on the example of “Hajdów” sewage treatment plant
115 # 2559
Fixed date for harvesting and freezing procedure in the process of acquiring sweet corn grain for food production purposes
117 # 2595
Comparative assessment of sugar corn grain acquisition for food purposes using cut off and threshing methods
122 # 2788
Impact of selected varieties of sugar corn on the share of waste fractions in the production of seeds for consumption purposes
126 # 2924
Evaluation of the dynamics of changes in average sugar content in sweet corn kernels by multivariate growth curves method
129 # 2970
The impact of threshing units on maize kernel separation rates and losses
134 # 3148
Energy consumption of grinding process of sweetcorn cobs stems
33 # 658
Preliminary investigations of the physical properties of sweet corn grain
64 # 718
Technology of production and processing of sweet corn cobs
67 # 938
Problems of the plant mass utilization in process of harvesting and processing of sweet corn cobs
79 # 91
Impact of heat treatment on the process of mechanical grain cutting off sweet maize cobs
81 # 190
The influence of chosen working parameters of cutter on process of cutting sweet corn kernel
86 # 324
Analysis of calorific value of crop residue of dent corn
91 # 1760
Usability test of refractometer to determine the ripeness degree of sweet corn
95 # 1916
Estimation of caloric and mechanical properties of briquettes made of the postharvest maize mass
97 # 2002
The impact of blade length in grain cutter knives on sugar maize grain cutting energy consumption
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