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10 # 1483
Energetic and economical analysis of maize grain production technology
107 # 2321
Durability evaluation for briquettes made of fodder corn phytomass
110 # 2437
Power demand during shredding of plant biomass for briquette production
115 # 2551
The impact of briquetting machine working parameters on geometrical features and density of briquettes made of corn straw and hay
117 # 2587
The impact of vegetable biomass compaction parameters on mechanical properties of briquettes
120 # 2700
Quality assessment for plant biomass-based briquettes produced using worm type compacting unit
131 # 3071
Assessment of physical properties of black locust dendromass
131 # 3076
Assessments of briquetting efficiency and briquettes quality produced out of selected plant raw materials
131 # 3084
Assessments of bulk density and energy consumption of pellets production in a pellet machine with two-side flat press
131 # 3065
The possibilities of using waste products from winter rape for energy purposes
134 # 3134
Energy assessment of the compressing process of the selected plant materials in a srew briquetting machine
136 # 3178
Assessmnet of quality properties of plant biomass pellets
137 # 3214
Evaluation of pellets quality made of the selected plant materials
143 # 3377
Analysis of physical properties of plant biomass briquettes
143 # 3364
Analysis of the characteristics of raw materials used in production of solid biofuels
143 # 3370
The analysis of the selected quality properties of pellets made of plant raw materials
145 # 3422
Impact of temperature on density and endurance of briquettes produced in a screw briquetting machine
149 # 3545
Possibilities of using biomass for energy purposes
150 # 3568
Assessmentof energy consumption of pellets and briquettes production in compressing devices
19 # 1002
Study on energy consumptin and profitability of maize grain production
21 # 496
Analysis of production costs, labour and energy inputs at maize grain production
33 # 658
Preliminary investigations of the physical properties of sweet corn grain
64 # 718
Technology of production and processing of sweet corn cobs
67 # 938
Problems of the plant mass utilization in process of harvesting and processing of sweet corn cobs
79 # 91
Impact of heat treatment on the process of mechanical grain cutting off sweet maize cobs
81 # 190
The influence of chosen working parameters of cutter on process of cutting sweet corn kernel
86 # 324
Analysis of calorific value of crop residue of dent corn
95 # 1916
Estimation of caloric and mechanical properties of briquettes made of the postharvest maize mass
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