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118 # 2637
Guidelines of an expert system for crop production process control
125 # 2878
Impact of the knife sharpening angle on the course of cutting selected root vegetables
31 # 1670
Use of artificial neuronal net to prognosing freezing time of food products
35 # 901
An evaluation of possible occupational health hazards associated with a computer workplace
68 # 1395
Using the neural networks for prediction of biotechnological process parameters
7 # 1723
Education needs in agricutture and the possibilities to neet them through the application of new information technologies
7 # 1718
Problem of representing the structure and functions of a technical object in computer knowledge system
74 # 1263
Neural method of maximizing the values of the results of the simultaneous production of enzymes by yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus K-4
74 # 1262
Neural prediction of the results of the process of simultaneous biosynthesis of inulinase and invertase by Aspergillus niger under conditions of selected abiotic stresses
78 # 79
Selection of liquid manure spreaders
79 # 110
Sower choice supporting database
81 # 186
Modified method of determination series of types of agricultural tractors
87 # 400
The effect of mineral fertilization unit utilization on unit operating costs
88 # 456
Assumptions of the new selection method of agricultural machines
90 # 1800
Method of assessing profitability of providing services connected with mineral fertilization of corn cultivations
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